Center for Advanced diagnostics

The Center is dedicated to advancing measurement science and diagnostics

Capabilities & Resources

    Modeling and Simulation

  • Multiphysics modeling leveraging COMSOL, ANSYS, Solidworks, Zemax, GEANT4, MCNP, and in-house generated modeling codes
  • Experimentally and data-driven machine learning and reinforcement to both control hardware and interpret collected results.


  • Lasers: CW CO2 and harmonics, DOE funded pulsed CO2 laser, NdYAG and harmonics, alignment lasers, THz
  • Laser modulators: Acousto-optic modulator, photoelastic modulator
  • Equipment for laser specification: power meter, wavelength meter, beam profiler, wind-bandwidth detector
  • Complex optomechanical setups
  • Zygo surface interferometerr

    Plasma Chambers

  • RF source (argon plasma with density of ~10^19 /m^3) Mimi: ideally this number would look like 1019m-3
  • Microwave argon plasma torch
  • Plasmas generate with gas jet and GALADRIEL laser

    Additional Diagnostic Center facilities

  • Vacuum oven
  • Radiation-shielded laboratory
  • 3-axis, automated scanners

    Commercial Fabrication

  • For over 25 years, General Atomics has been making Thomson scattering measurements of high temperature plasmas. With the development of repetitively pulsing Nd:YAG lasers and avalanche photodiode detectors, Thomson scattering measurements have evolved from single point, single time measurements to multipoint, high repetition (over 100 Hz) measurements. For more information, visit the Products page.