GALADRIEL Laser Facility

The General Atomics Laboratory for Developing Rep-rated Instrumentation and Experiments with Lasers (GALADRIEL) is built around a terawatt-class, ultra-short pulse Ti:sapphire laser system delivering ~25mJ of 800nm light in ~25fs pulses.

GALADRIEL is equipped with a Dazzler and Mazzler to provide control of input and output spectrums. The facility is capable of operating in both shot-on-demand mode and rep-rated operation (up to 10Hz). The effective F/4 off-axis parabola in the chamber produces a near-diffraction-limited spot of ~7µm and peak intensities of >1018 W/cm2.

The controls and data acquisition system are specifically designed for taking data at rep-rate to test and develop rep-rated diagnostics and target technologies.  The system is designed to enable development of engineering science for laser-based applications such as inertial fusion energy and secondary radiation sources.

Target Areas

GALADRIEL uses a single cylindrical target chamber, 3 in. diameter, with a 2 in. x 2 in. breadboard for diagnostics and optical paths. There are multiple polar ports facing TCC and an automated pressure controller and pulsed valve provide the means for gas jets of He, N2, and Ar of up to 800psi.

Plasma Diagnostics Instrumentation

•4-channel hard x-ray CVD diamond diodes
•Angularly resolved electron spectrometer (~0.15-4MeV)
•Electron-beam profiler (filtered stack of scintillating fiber arrays)
•Probe beam (400nm) with 300ps scanning range (Schlieren, wavefront, etc.)