ALMA is General Atomics' next-generation numerical engine, designed from the ground up to deliver high-fidelity simulations of plasmas and neutral fluids at the largest and fastest supercomputers. We have demonstrated ALMA's scalability in DOE's and NSF's leadership-class clusters (Summit, Perlmutter, Frontera, Cori), including simulations of 500 billion fluid points running over thousands of nodes with nearly perfect strong scaling. ALMA is based on a new approach developed at GA that allows both plasma and neutral fluids to be solved rigorously using the same software infrastructure. This unique technology provides us with the flexibility to apply our simulation tools to many scenarios, including tokamak edge turbulence and fueling, liquid metal MHD flows, magnetic reconnection in laboratory and space plasmas, turbulence in inertially confined plasmas, and airfoil design – all using the same scalable, high-fidelity software.