Microwave Technologies

Microwave Technologies
2.5" Bellows assembly showing one of the two flexible aluminum sections and water cooling clamp

General Atomics’ decades of work on magnetic fusion have made us a world leader in high-power microwave technologies, particularly with microwave control and transmission. In addition to plasma heating for fusion devices, high-power microwaves may be used in applications such as advanced radar systems, electronic warfare, and materials treatment.

GA can design, build, and install end-to-end systems for a variety of radio frequency (RF)–based applications, delivering innovative solutions for generation, transmission, and detection of RF energy. GA is a recognized worldwide supplier for high-quality RF systems, with decades of design know-how, unique fabrication capabilities, and a rigorous quality-assurance program.

GA has developed a full array of corrugated waveguides and components for such applications. In addition, we have expertise in designing end-to-end high-power and low-power transmission systems. In such systems, it is critical that the transmission line from the source to the target be designed to handle the high frequency, power, and pulse length with low losses, high mode purity, and low reflection back to the source.

Depending on the size and corrugation geometry, the components in these transmission lines propagate the low-loss HE11mode for frequencies ranging from 28 GHz to over 300 GHz. They can also be used to transmit the circular TE01 mode in bends with minimal mode conversion at frequencies as low as 10 GHz. GA has developed all necessary components for complete transmission systems, including bends, converters, and adapters.

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