Center for Advanced Materials Engineering

Transforming basic-research into applications to enable technology advancements

Who We are

The Center for Advanced Materials is a cross-divisional team of scientists and engineers with broad expertise in material sciences, coatings, photonics, lasers, numerical simulations, plasma sciences, artificial intelligence, and quantum technologies.

The Center’s mission is to generate technological innovation to advance science in the areas of fusion energy, nanotechnology and smart materials, terahertz, quantum and hydrogen technologies by partnering with Universities, and National Laboratories to help transform basic science into real applications.

Interested in partnering with us?

The Center for Advanced Materials welcomes collaborations with academic and national labs PIs to complement Knowledge and experimental capabilities to help transfer basic science novel discoveries into real world applications.

The center is also exited in contributing technology and know-how to help develop research in strategic areas such as Hydrogen technologies, Smart Materials, Plasmonic, Solar energy conversion, Quantum computing and sensing, etc.

To form multidisciplinary academic- industry teams to apply for competitive funding.

If you are interested in partnering with our center, please contact Dan Sioui