Calorimetric Miter Bends

A calorimetric miter bend monitors the incident power in the waveguide by measuring the rise in temperature of the cooling water passing through the mirror. The mirror is well isolated from the miter bend block to prevent heat from neighboring waveguides from reaching the mirror. The measurement requires approximately 200 seconds to reach steady state, but it is not sensitive to mode purity. While the measurement requires knowledge of the input polarization, it is capable of high accuracy.

A broadband calorimetric miter bend
A broadband calorimetric miter bend in 63.5 mm vacuum-tight waveguide designed for 2 MW CW operation. Separate cooling channels monitor the power absorbed in the mirror, the miter block, and the housing that is the only connection between the block and the mirror. The housing has high thermal resistance.


James Anderson
Head of RF Technology, MFE Division

Zabrina Johal
Senior Director of Strategic Development