Power Monitor Miter Bends

Our power monitors are bi-directional, allowing simultaneous measurement of power traveling in each direction in the high-power waveguide. They use an array of cutoff coupling holes in the mirror. With detectors in fundamental rectangular waveguides, they have inherently fast response. For slower responding but potentially more accurate monitors, see Calorimetric Miter Bends.

Power monitor in vacuum-tight 63.5 mm waveguide
Power monitor in vacuum-tight 63.5 mm waveguide. The vacuum seal to a fused quartz lens is made with flexible epoxy
A power monitor in 63.5 mm vacuum-tight waveguide
A power monitor in 63.5 mm vacuum-tight waveguide designed for 2 MW CW operation at 170 GHz. The power is coupled through cutoff holes to a rectangular waveguide machined into the mirror.

In addition, we are developing a power monitor to couple out a complete image of the field in the high-power waveguide. The mirror in that power monitor has coupling holes across the entire surface. The coupled field can be used to monitor and optimize the alignment of the microwave beam from the matching optics unit into the corrugated waveguide.

Mode monitor miter bend
Mode monitor miter bend for 170 GHz in 63.5-mm corrugated waveguide.


James Anderson
Head of RF Technology, MFE Division

Zabrina Johal
Senior Director of Strategic Development