Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems


Tested by Time. EMALS & AAG: Mission Ready for the Future

EMALS & AAG: Proven Success at Sea

GA-EMS’ Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) are revolutionizing naval aviation. EMALS and AAG provide the range of capabilities necessary to launch and recover the full spectrum of carrier-capable aircraft.


EMALS & AAG: Mission Ready


EMALS & AAG: Benefits of EMALS over steam catapults

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS)

EMALS flexible architecture
The system can be designed for a variety of platforms and is capable of launching a wide range of aircraft weights.

EMALS uses electromagnetic technology to launch aircraft from the deck of naval aircraft carriers and offers significant benefits over current launch systems:

  • Increased launch operational ability
  • Flexible architecture to suit different platforms
  • Capable of launching wide range of aircraft weights
  • Reduced manning and lifecycle cost
  • Reduced thermal signature
  • Reduced topside weight and installed volume

Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG)

EMALS flexible architecture
AAG Below Deck View

AAG is a turbo-electric system designed for controlled and reliable deceleration of aircraft. The AAG system provides significant benefits over current recovery systems:

  • Higher availability and safety margins
  • Operational capability to recover projected air wing
  • Reduced manning and maintenance
  • Self-diagnosis and maintenance alerts