Precision Guided Munitions

Whether it's to defend against a ballistic missile attack or deliver a warhead on target with accuracy and speed, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems' (GA-EMS) precision guided munitions provide increased lethality and overmatch to the warfighter. Leveraging our heritage in weapons design and manufacturing, proven flight technologies, and dedicated expertise in space and air system engineering, GA-EMS puts the warfighter first by delivering superior weapon technologies to support critical Department of Defense programs.

Long Range Maneuvering Projectile (LRMP)

  • 2-3x the range compared to current rounds from current launchers
  • Shaped trajectories to engage non-line of sight targets
  • Greater maneuverability and precision to defeat static or moving targets
  • Projectile shape provides high lift over draft enabling very long glide ranges
Long Range Maneuvering Projectile (LRMP)

LRMP delivers the agility and payload flexibility to support different mission requirements, including strike and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. LRMP's unique, simplified design requires no auxiliary propulsion, providing increased range without rocket assist.

LRMP is scalable to suit existing artillery assets, ensuring compatibility with legacy launchers and loaders. Successful testing has been conducted to ensure survivability, performance, and aerodynamics.

LRMP Surface-To-Surface
Increased maneuverability enables shaped flight paths to engage obstructed, static, and moving targets.

Medium Caliber Projectile

  • Low cost
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Deep magazine

Extensive design and testing has been completed using both railguns and legacy powder gun launchers.  GA-EMS' Medium Caliber Projectile is very high-G and EMI hardened for extreme electromagnetic and super propellant charge accelerations.

Medium Caliber Projectiles