Electromagnetic Systems Group

The General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group (GA-EMS) is a supplier of advanced electromagnetic systems, related power equipment and other high tech products for a variety of defense, energy, and commercial applications.

GA-EMS has leading-edge expertise in the design and fabrication of linear motors, superconducting and conventional rotating motors, power inverters, high-voltage DC power distribution systems, and numerous other energy conversion, distribution, and storage systems. EMS is a world leader in applying electromagnetic technologies to aircraft launch and recovery and projectile launch.

GA-EMS also produces a variety of high technology products for the commercial market, including high power inverters, high-energy capacitors and radiation monitoring systems.

Defense Systems

GA-EMS advanced aircraft launch and recovery systems will increase the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations carried out on board the nation's next generation of aircraft carriers. The Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) will use electromagnetic power to launch aircraft from the decks of aircraft carriers, replacing the steam-driven catapults that have been used since the mid-20th Century. The Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) system will use advanced energy storage devices to decelerate planes when they land on aircraft carriers. These innovations will improve the efficiency of naval aircraft operations while extending the operating life of naval aircraft.

EMS electromagnetic railguns will launch projectiles from surface ships and stationary or mobile ground units at a fraction of the cost of conventional ordnance.


Commercial Product Lines

In October 2013, GA completed the merger of GA Electronic Systems, Inc. (GA-ESI) into GA Electromagnetic Systems Group (GA-EMS). As a result of this consolidation, GA-EMS has added several new commercial product lines that support diverse industries. GA-EMS’s commercial products naturally spin out of the company's long commitment to the development of cutting-edge, high-power systems and solutions for our customers, like the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System and the Advanced Arresting Gear for the Navy's newest aircraft carrier. This continued pursuit of next-generation technology ensures these products meet our customers' increasing needs. From high-energy capacitors and nuclear/radiation monitoring systems, to oil separators and high-power motors and drives, GA-EMS delivers a broad range of commercial products to our customers.