Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Sensors

Leading the industry to new levels of performance, reliability, and operational capability since its establishment in 1993, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) has expanded the acceptance and application of UAS within the United States and among allied forces around the globe. The company is dedicated to providing long-endurance, mission-capable aircraft with the integrated sensor and data link systems required to deliver persistent situational awareness and rapid strike capabilities.

Aircraft Platforms
For nearly two decades, GA-ASI's innovative high-tech solutions have spawned an ever-growing line of versatile, reliable, cost-effective, and combat-proven aircraft.

Sensor Systems
GA-ASI's dynamic sensor technologies provide essential situational awareness to field commanders and border patrol agencies.

Sensor Exploitation and Dissemination
GA-ASI's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance exploitation systems maximize sensor capabilities and enhance the efficiency of image analysis.

GA-ASI is actively developing next-generation, solid-state, highly efficient, highly reliable lasers with long standoff ranges and pinpoint accuracy.


High-Bandwidth Data Links
GA-ASI pioneers the development of cutting-edge ultra-wideband communications, ensuring the transmission of high-resolution imagery to ground-based operators.


Training and Support Services
GA-ASI trains the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators of tomorrow and supports the worldwide UAS field operations of today.