Hazardous Waste Destruction

Minimization and disposal of hazardous wastes is a serious concern. General Atomics has developed advanced process systems to destroy any organic wastes.

Supercritical Water Oxidation
SCWO takes advantage of the unique properties exhibited by water when used above its critical point, 705°F and 3210 psig, to destroy hazardous wastes.

Solids Processing
Dunnage and non-process materials accompanying munitions operations, including packing materials, wood munition pallets and associated metal scrap, personnel protection suits with gloves and boots, plastic bags, used filter carbon, waste oils, and used hydraulic fluids are selectively processed for disposal operations.

Salt Waste Processing
Salt Waste Processing concentrates and separates highly radioactive waste constituents [principally actinides (alpha-particle emitters), long lived strontium (beta-particle emitter) and cesium (gamma-ray emitter)] from dilute salt-waste solutions that will be pumped from SRS high level waste tanks.