General Atomics Procurement

General Atomics (GA) purchases a wide variety of products and services from many qualified suppliers. A detailed list of these products and services is available by clicking on the links to the left.

Our Policy:

  1. To offer each visitor a courteous reception.
  2. To listen fairly and without prejudice to all sales presentations.
  3. To treat as confidential, all information received in confidence.
  4. To decide fairly between offers on the basis of quality, price, service, delivery and overall best value. We seek to establish continuing relationships with reliable and responsible suppliers. We especially appreciate information concerning new products or services offered by your company which may enable us to purchase more effectively.
  5. To explicitly prohibit the acceptance of gifts or favors from suppliers. We appreciate your refraining from offering them.
  6. To allow only authorized purchasing personnel to commit GA to the purchase of goods and services

Doing Business:

  1. GA's Purchasing Department uses a centralized procurement process. All purchasing personnel report to the Director, Contracts and Purchasing.
  2. Please do not contact technical personnel without permission of the responsible Buyer.
  3. Please make your visits as brief as is consistent with efficient conduct of your business here.
  4. If your company is classified as a small, small disadvantaged, or women-owned business, you may contact GA's Small Business Liaison Officer or Small Business Administrator for assistance.