Electric and electromagnetic systems continue to play a critical role in the future US Navy. General Atomics is working at the forefront of these technologies by developing advanced electromagnetic systems for aircraft carriers, surface combatants, and submarines. These systems provide the Navy with an advanced weapons delivery capability that requires less maintenance, fewer sailors to operate and maintain these systems and a reduced life cycle cost.

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems
General Atomics’ EMS Group is at the forefront of developing electromagnetic technologies and systems to modernize naval aircraft operations.  EMS is developing and building state-of-the-art linear induction motors and control systems to launch aircraft from carriers, replacing steam-driven catapults, and is incorporating advanced rotating motors into new arresting gear systems for recovery of aircraft

Weapons and Support Systems
General Atomics/EMS is developing next-generation weapons and support systems based on advanced electromagnetic technologies that can improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.  EMS is leading development of pulsed power systems for rail guns, which can launch projectiles without propellants or explosives, and is using maglev technologies to provide new means of high-speed testing.

Demilitarization and Hazardous Waste
Minimization and disposal of hazardous wastes is a serious concern. GA has developed advanced process systems to destroy any organic wastes (Hazardous Waste Destruction) and to destroy conventional and chemical munitions (Demilitarization).