General Atomics (GA) is on the forefront of researching, designing, and manufacturing transformational technologies to support critical land, sea, air and space operations worldwide. Our diverse portfolio of first-of-kind electromagnetic aircraft launch and recovery systems, multi-mission railgun weapon systems, satellite systems, and integrated power and energy technologies are helping revolutionize the way military forces address complex challenges and protect against evolving threats.

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) electromagnetic technologies and systems are revolutionizing the way aircraft are launched and recovered from naval aircraft carriers. Our first-of-kind Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) will help facilitate higher reliability, decrease wear and tear on aircraft, and expand the Navy's launch envelope to support mission success.

Missile Defense and Space Systems
 Using electromagnetic force instead of explosives or propellants, GA-EMS' multi-mission railgun weapon system is intended to provide a highly effective capability to enhance our nation's ability to defend against future threats on land and at sea. GA-EMS also designs and develops nanosatellites, small satellites, and security and surveillance sensor systems for Department of Defense and government customers to deliver critical communications support and actionable intelligence to users in theaters of operation worldwide.

Power and Energy Technologies
GA-EMS specializes in innovative electric and permanent magnet technology solutions that offer the power, performance, and reliability necessary to support complex systems, extreme operating environments, and extended maintenance lifecycles. From motors, generators and adjustable speed drives, to high voltage capacitors, GA-EMS is delivering unique products with higher efficiency, smaller footprints, and greater flexibility to meet our customer's exacting requirements.

Demilitarization and Hazardous Waste
GA-EMS' unique cryofracture and industrial supercritical water oxidation (iSCWO) systems are playing a critical role in the safe and thorough destruction of conventional and complex munition stockpiles, and a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Inertial Fusion Technology
GA is at the forefront of the inertial confinement fusion approach to fusion. The process works by enormous pulses of energy from focused lasers, creating pressures more than a billion times earth's atmosphere to recreate on Earth conditions in the stars. GA-IFT is a major supplier of precision laser targets to the National Ignition Facility in California, and leading research facilities nationwide.