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Global progress through technology. The world over.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Leading the situational awareness revolution...

Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

A complete launch system designed to replace the existing steam catapult currently being used on aircraft carriers..

Fusion Energy Research

Developing energy solutions to meet global needs...


Innovations in clinical diagnostics.

Cryotech Deicing Technology

A world leader in deicing technology...

Energy Multiplier Module

Nuclear waste to energy...


In the News

  • Hot Times for Fusion Plasmas: GA Fusion Program Advances Makes Cover of Physics Today

    Igniting and sustaining the fusion of light nuclei requires an astonishingly high temperature, on the scale of 100 million kelvin. No material can tolerate such an environment, and for some 60 years scientists have been studying plasmas bound within a cage of magnets to insulate the walls of a reaction vessel from the intense heat inside it. Equally important, the confinement helps avoid cooling the bulk plasma to the point of quenching the reaction. (PDF)   Read More...

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