General Atomics (GA) is globally recognized as the leading U.S. developer and manufacturer of advanced high voltage capacitors for DC, pulsed, high frequency AC, and specialized system applications for defense, commercial, industrial, and research systems worldwide. 

GA's innovative technology designs meet our customers' demanding requirements for:

  • high energy density
  • high peak currents
  • low inductance, low ESR
  • wide temperature range
  • high mechanical shock
  • greater reliability

Our extensive product portfolio includes all types of film and paper dielectrics, metalized and discrete foil electrodes, oil-filled and dry constructions, and a wide variety of packages.

Visit our Capacitor Product Guide to view a current listing of our off-the-shelf products.  GA also offers customization services to meet specific application requirements and exacting voltage and capacitance specifications. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.