Electric Motors and Drives

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) designs and manufactures a variety of modular power drives, permanent magnet motors and generators, linear synchronous motors, and adjustable speed drive systems. GA-EMS unique technologies are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency, power density and reliability. We excel at product customization and specialized manufacturing to meet exacting requirements for new and retrofit system applications.

GA-EMS advanced motors and drives improve performance across multiple industries and applications including:

  • Power Generation
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Propulsion
  • Turbines
  • Fans
  • Milling and Grinding
  • Refinery Equipment


Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators

GA-EMS permanent magnet motors are designed for constant power output through an extended speed range. Our proprietary advanced composite magnet retention technology offers a two-to-three times volume reduction in the required containment structure, reducing the magnetic gap which allows for higher power density. The result is an efficient, compact, high speed solution for use in a broad range of power and propulsion applications.

Our generator solutions can direct couple with gas turbines, eliminating the need for auxiliary gear boxes to help reduce capital and operating costs.

  • Constant power over extended speed range
  • High efficiency over broad operating range
  • Direct couple capability
  • Eliminates need for speed-reducing gear box
  • Totally Enclosed, Water-Air Cooling (TEWAC) design
  • Oil-film or magnet bearing options available


Adjustable Speed Drive Systems

  • Configurable power modules
    • ac/dc conversion
    • dc/ac conversion
  • High power density, high efficiency
  • Liquid-cooled for efficient thermal management
  • High system availability

GA-EMS adjustable speed drives are modular in design and configurable to meet specific power requirements. Our unique technologies significantly reduce lifecycle costs through improved energy and fuel efficiencies, and lower maintenance requirements.

Unique design for easy paralleling of 2 MW modules to meet specific power needs