Battery and Fuel Cell Systems

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) offers extensive expertise in the research, design and manufacture of modular, flexible energy generation, storage and power conversion solutions suitable for long endurance missions, extreme operating environments, and challenging system requirements. GA-EMS safe energy storage and power technologies help improve Op Tempo and extend operational life.



LiFT Battery Module
LiFT Battery Module - Configure Modules to Suit Different Form Factors and Energy Storage Requirement

Lithium-ion Fault Tolerant Batteries

  • Safe, fault-tolerant design
  • High power
  • Approved for use and classified by DNV-GL
  • On-hull, at-sea tested
  • Long lifecycle
  • Cost effective

GA-EMS LiFT™ battery systems are modular, high energy density solutions for manned and unmanned underwater vehicles, undersea platforms and nodes, and surface vessels. LiFT's single cell fault tolerance prevents uncontrolled and catastrophic cascading cell failure. This not only ensures the safety of personnel and equipment, but also ensures systems continue to operate through faults to enable mission completion.

LiFT battery systems are configurable and are being developed for use in ground vehicles to replace 6T lead acid batteries, for installation in military aircraft, and for other applications.



Aluminum Power System (ALPS)

Aluminum Power System

  • Designed for safe, reliable operation
  • Increased energy density
  • Stable, long shelf life
  • Simple refueling process for the fuel cell
  • Modular and scalable

Our Aluminum Power System (ALPS) utilizes a custom aluminum alloy to provide an energy dense, cost efficient alternative to rechargeable Lithium-ion battery power systems for underwater vehicles, nodes and platforms. In addition to its long endurance capabilities, ALPS' modular design individually isolates each major component to improve reliability, safety, and ease of maintenance and refueling.


  • Greater energy density
  • Buoyancy control eased
  • Well suited for underwater stealth operations
  • No emissions, noise or observables

GA-EMS has also developed an open ALPS system, which uses seawater for reaction and allows benign by-product emissions. This enables approximately 4X greater energy density than the closed system.