The NLW-1000The NLW-1000 wide-range logarithmic channel combines the functions of logarithmic counting and logarithmic current conversion to provide a continuous indication of reactor power from source level to full power. A remotely located pre-amplifier minimizes EMI and other sources of interference and adjustable discriminator and gain controls allow flexibility in channel calibration with existing detectors. A differentiator circuit provides continuous indication of rate of change of power, and self test functions can sequentially check count rate, current, period and high voltage. Provision is made for permissive operation by computer of all test functions.



INPUT RANGE Counting - 0.1 C/sec to 3x105 C/sec CURRENT 1x10-6 to 1x10-3 A
LINEARITY (LOG CONFORMITY) + 1% OF THE LINEAR Full scale equivalent covering the combined counting and current regions in the temperature range of 20°to 30°C
TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT ± 0.15%/°C maximum over 10° to 55°C
CALIBRATION/TEST 2 fixed count rates, 2 fixed currents for calibration, 1 adjustable count rate, 1 adjustable current for trip testing, HV trip test, test modes selected sequentially by front panel control
10-4 to 10-3 Amperes <1 msec 102 to 103 Counts/sec 30 msec
10-5 to 10-4 Amperes <2 msec 101 to 102 Counts/sec 0.3 sec
10-6 to 10-5 Amperes 2.5 msec 100 to 101 Counts/sec 3 sec
104 to 105 Counts/sec 15 msec 10-1 to 100 Counts/sec 30 sec
103 to 104 Counts/sec 20 msec    
Remote Meter: 0–10 V full scale Recorder: 0–1 V full scale
Remote Meter: 0–1 mA full scale Optional: 4.0–20 mA full scale
Recorder: 0–0.1 V full scale High Voltage: +300 to +800 VDC @2.6W
High voltage Adjustable with
High power level +5 V logic level
Low power level and two form C
Period contacts per trip
POWER REQUIRED 117 VAC + 10% 50/60 Hz @ 1.0 A