TRIGA Instrumentation

The NLW-1000 is a wide-range logarithmic instrument, which combines the functions of logarithmic counting and logarithmic current conversion to provide a continuous indication of reactor power from source level to full power. A remotely located pre-amplifier minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and other sources of interference, and adjustable discriminator and gain controls allow flexibility in instrument calibration with existing detectors. A differentiator circuit provides continuous indication of rate of change of power, and self-test functions can sequentially check count rate, current, period and high voltage. Provision is made for permissive operation by computer of all test functions.

The NMP-1000 is an analog, wide range, linear current mode module with range switching. Ranges maybe selected either manually or automatically, locally or remotely. Full-scale sensitivities from 1 x 10-11 to 1 x 10-3 A are provided with indication of percent power on a front panel meter, as well as a front panel LED indication of each decade range. For remote operation, a separate panel assembly can be provided with identical range indicating LEDs, display of current and voltage, as well as instrument self test functions. Compensation voltage and adjustable high voltage power supplies in the module allow operation with most existing current mode detectors.

The NP-1000 and NPP-1000 analog safety instruments are versatile, modular current mode instruments with user-selectable input and output parameters. The NP-1000 percent power module provides linear current ranges from 1 x 10-9A full-scale sensitivity. Isolated voltage and current outputs are provided, as are bistable trip contacts in flame-proof conduit connectors. Self-test features may be applied either locally or remotely. The NPP-1000 has all the features of the NP-1000, plus isolated peak power and total energy outputs for use in pulsing reactor applications. Low drift peak and integral circuitry allows ample time for both manual as well as automatic data acquisition of pulse data.

The NFT-1000 fuel-temperature-monitoring instrument converts millivolt signals from thermocouples into a usable current level for monitoring and display. It includes a dual trip unit, a calibrator module to test the instrument trip functions and provide a fixed calibration point for verifying the correct operation of the unit and an isolated transmitter module to drive external indicating-recording devices.