GA is at the forefront of developing the next generation of ground transportation technologies, based on clean, efficient electromagnetic propulsion. GA magnetic levitation (maglev) technologies provide an exciting new option for future passenger and goods movement transportation systems.

Maglev Systems
Over the past decade, General Atomics (GA) has established itself as a world leader in development and demonstration of magnetic levitation (maglev) technology for civil and commercial applications. GA is pursuing two primary civil applications: Urban Maglev for passenger transport, and an Electric Cargo Conveyor (ECCO) concept for goods movement. In addition to these two applications of GA's "passive maglev" technology, GA is a partner in American Magline Group, which plans to use Transrapid high-speed maglev technology to build a maglev system linking Anaheim, CA with Las Vegas, NV.

Linear Motor Systems
GA is developing a family of wheeled linear motor concepts as an offshoot of our maglev technology development efforts, which, like maglev, have the potential to improve transportation by reducing harmful emissions and fuel consumption.  GA is developing two different civil transportation applications using linear motor technology: MagneRail™ and MagneTruck™.