High Speed Maglev

General Atomics is a member of the American Magline Group, a consortium chartered to build a maglev system from Anaheim, CA to Las Vegas, NV. As presently envisioned, The Anaheim - Las Vegas trains will be similar in design to the vehicles successfully demonstrated by Transrapid on its 19.5 mile track in Emsland, Germany and on a fully operational 18.5 mile system in Shanghai, China, which have achieved speeds of greater than 300 miles per hour. GA will be responsible for providing the power and propulsion technology for the Anaheim-Vegas system.

The public-private partnership between the California-Nevada Super Speed Train Commission and American Magline Group is the entity recognized under federal law to design, build, operate and maintain the Anaheim - Las Vegas system. Our public-private partnership has secured cooperative agreements or resolutions and statements of support from all of the cities and regional planning organizations in every jurisdiction along the route.

Reports & Presentations

California-Nevada Interstate Maglev Project (CNIMP): Current Developments in High-Speed Maglev Systems, January 14, 2008

Transrapid Shanghai Maglev Project Update May 2007

Government Reports & Presentations

Maglev Depolyment Program