Nirvana Life Sciences & Healthcare Solutions

Harness Power from Heterogeneous, Dispersed Data to Accelerate Discovery & Development

Nirvana helps accelerate discovery and development in Life Sciences and Healthcare industries by pooling data resources to facilitate collaboration among scientists, researchers, doctors and clinicians. With Nirvana, heterogeneous data in various storage devices scattered across multiple sites can be joined as one virtual collection, enabling enterprise-wide access to the data and high-performance integration to various applications.

From legacy tape drives to modern SAN and NAS, from simple file systems to complicated databases, Nirvana offers unparalleled compatibility to storage systems and data sets. Nirvana consolidates and simplifies data access, and also revives an enterprise-wide awareness of archived data for future research purposes.

Endeavors in Life Sciences and Healthcare frequently require the collective and concerted effort of multiple parties. Data sharing is an essential part of the collaboration. With Nirvana, collaborators around the world can share data in a flexible, dynamic and robust framework.

Nirvana is designed to satisfy regulatory requirements by relevant agencies including the FDA. Security, reliability and traceability are incorporated in Nirvana's fundamental design along with performance and scalability. Nirvana provides comprehensive audit features that can help Life Sciences and Healthcare industries to achieve regulatory compliance.

Nirvana has a proven track record in these industries and extensive experience: the system was originally developed at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, founded by General Atomics, in response to a need for shared access to data residing on remote storage systems in the scientific community. Life Sciences and Healthcare projects have been among the earliest beneficiaries of the powerful tools Nirvana brings to IT.

Nirvana at Work: Case Studies