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  • ITER Gaining Momentum From New Funding, New Confidence

    Funding for research in nuclear fusion was fully restored by Congress in the omnibus spending bill, reversing what supporters feared might be declining interest in the research. An executive of General Atomics said during his March 6 testimony in Congress that he sensed a new attitude toward fusion science.

  • Theresa Wilks: Fine-tuning fusion on DIII-D

    Theresa Wilks has come full circle, at least geographically. After receiving an MS and PhD from Georgia Tech, she returned to her home state of California in 2016 as an MIT postdoctoral associate doing fusion energy research at the DIII-D tokamak. Her research is part of a growing collaboration MIT has with DIII-D, a national user facility in San Diego operated by General Atomics.

  • Feds extend funding for nuclear fusion project, General Atomics breathes sigh of relief

    After months of doubt, the federal government has agreed to boost 2018 funding for the U.S. share of the world’s largest and most ambitious nuclear fusion project. That means what may be the endeavor’s most important piece — a massive magnet being assembled by San Diego-based General Atomics — will continue this year without interruption.

  • GA’s Mickey Wade testifies before the House Energy Subcommittee

    Dr. Mickey Wade, director of advanced fusion systems, Magnetic Fusion Energy Division, for General Atomics, testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy at a hearing on The Future of U.S. Fusion Energy Research.

  • San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering's Expo Day

    GA’s participation was prominently featured in a March 3 San Diego Union-Tribune photo essay about the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering’s Expo Day at Petco Park. All the photos can be accessed here.

  • Nuclear fusion's clean energy dream meets budget reality — and San Diego's General Atomics sweats it out

    GA’s work fabricating the ITER Central Solenoid (CS) was featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, along with a discussion of the value of continued U.S. participation in ITER. GA is building the five-story, 1,000-ton CS, which will be the largest pulsed superconducting magnet when completed.

  • General Atomics Completes Insulation of First Central Solenoid Module

    SAN DIEGO, CA – 08 January 2018 – The first module of the ITER Central Solenoid (CS) achieved an important milestone this month with the completion of insulation at General Atomics (GA) in California (US).

    Technicians finished the ground insulation on the first production CS module – one of seven that will be produced – ensuring the module is isolated from a potential fault of up to 30,000 volts from other systems and components in the ITER cryostat. 

  • Department of Energy Highlights DIII-D Research

    The U.S. Department of Energy recently highlighted two papers on research conducted at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility, both of which seek to advance our knowledge of fusion energy and how it could become a future energy source. In one, researchers explored a new approach that would reduce internal turbulence and heat loss in a tokamak reactor without rotation, a longstanding challenge that could help ease the way to energy production. In another, researchers used powerful microwave beams to control problematic Alfvén waves in plasmas

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