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General Atomics Energy News and Updates

As a major energy research and development firm, General Atomics’ energy businesses are often the subject of media coverage. We also engage in a variety of outreach efforts to the scientific and academic communities to educate the public on the future of energy. Media professionals seeking more information on these activities should contact GA Director of Business Development Zabrina Johal.


  • Meet the Director: David Hill, DIII-D

    To eight-year-old David Hill, the UFO-like top and spindly legs of the Space Needle looked like the future. Outside his suburban Seattle home, he'd climb trees to watch workers as they built the Space Needle in preparation for the 1962 World's Fair. When he saw the Needle finally completed, he felt like he was experiencing "tomorrow" right in the present day.

  • GA Researcher Chosen for NIF Discovery Science Experiment

    The next round of Discovery Science Program experiments at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) will further explore plasma astrophysics, hydrodynamics, nuclear physics, equation of state, material science, and particle acceleration. One key effort will be examining Magnetized Rayleigh-Taylor morphology, under principal investigator Mario Manuel, a scientist with San Diego’s General Atomics. This will be the first Discovery Science experiment to use external magnetic field capabilities developed on NIF for magnetic laser inertial fusion and Discovery Science.

  • A Hot Pursuit to Understand Ion Cyclotron Emission

    The tokamak approach to magnetic confinement fusion uses a toroidal solenoid to confine high temperature plasmas. With peak plasma temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius, no physical measurements are possible beyond the very edge of the devices. The unique diagnostic challenges of tokamak experiments are being overcome by a talented group of early career researchers keen to develop fusion energy. DIII-D post-doctoral researcher Kathreen Thome is studying how particles travel through fusion plasmas using high frequency magnetic fluctuations known as ion cyclotron emission (ICE).

  • General Atomics Scientist Honored for Achievements in Fusion Engineering

    Fusion Power Associates recently awarded General Atomics scientist Wayne Solomon the annual Excellence in Fusion Engineering Award for his work in fusion plasma diagnostics and his leadership as the Deputy Director of the DIII-D National Fusion Program.

  • Statement from GA on the Release of the Final Report of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on a Strategic Plan for Burning Plasma Research

    General Atomics (GA) Energy Group Vice President Jeff Quintenz released the following statement regarding the final report from the National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) Committee on a Strategic Plan for Burning Plasma Research.

    “General Atomics strongly supports the conclusions of the NAS committee. We thank the committee members for their thorough review and thoughtful recommendations on the future of U.S. development of fusion energy,” Quintenz said. 

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