Dummy Loads

General Atomics Pulsed Power Dummy Loads are available with the following capabilities:

  • 0.5 MW for up to 5 seconds
  • 1 MW for up to 10 seconds

These are broadband, tank-type loads with 31.75 mm waveguide inputs. Tapers are available for connection to 63.5 mm and 88.9 mm waveguides.

In addition, CW (continuous power) Dummy Loads are under development with the following capabilities at 110 GHz:

  • 0.5 MW (aluminum)
  • 1 MW (Glidcop┬«)

These are compact loads in the form of 2.1 meter long, 31.75 mm diameter waveguides with special internal corrugations. The exterior is surrounded by a water jacket. The input must be mainly in the HE11 mode; the output must be connected to a residual power load. These compact loads have an extremely low time constant, which is useful for tuning and conditioning the microwave source.

All of the General Atomics Dummy Loads can be supplied with calorimetry and connections for water cooling.