Power Inverters

GA’s EMS Group designs, develops, and manufactures high-power inverters for a wide range of transportation applications.  GA transportation inverter products include AC drive systems including vector and sensorless vector-controlled propulsion systems, auxiliary power systems for light-rail systems, and head end power systems for passenger rail.  Specializing in the design and manufacturing of inverters for heavy-duty trucks as well as rail systems, GA has built inverters with peak power ratings up to 7,500 Hp, but can also provide smaller inverters with power ratings in the range of 1,000 Hp or lower.  GA can provide custom-designed inverters for specialized applications at competitive prices.  In addition to their transportation applications, GA inverters are also available for a variety of uses related to renewable energy and the power utilities industry, including power conversion for wind turbines and ocean-based power systems, and grid energy storage/peak power management systems


Variety of switching technologies

  • GTO phase modules (upper board in photo at left).
  • IGBT phase modules for reduced size and parts count (lower board).
  • IGCT technology for very high-power applications.

Vehicle controls

  • Fully-integrated system controller.
  • Customized to vehicle duty cycle.


  • Mining trucks.
  • Locomotives.
  • Linear motor-based transportation systems, including maglev.
  • Non-transportation applications include wind turbines and ocean-based power systems