Nuclear Fuels

Consumer demand for electricity is growing and with nuclear power plants producing low carbon emissions, nuclear energy represents the only way to generate significant amounts of base load power without increasing carbon emissions.

ConverDyn serves the global nuclear industry, offering commercial UF6 conversion services at competitive prices. They coordinate and manage all aspects of the conversion process for their customers, including uranium deliveries, uranium sampling, materials storage, and product delivery.
Heathgate Resources
Heathgate Resources, formed in 1990, operates the Beverley and Four Mile Uranium Mines in northern South Australia which areAustralia's only operating In Situ Recovery mines.

Nuclear Fuels Corporation
Nuclear Fuels Corporation (NFC) was formed in 1991 by General Atomics (GA) to market uranium produced from the mining assets of GA affiliated companies as well as to develop additional uranium projects. NFC is a long-term contract supplier to both U.S. and foreign utilities and actively participates in uranium trading.

Rio Grande Resources
Rio Grande Resources Corporation controls uranium operations and mineral resources in south Texas and New Mexico, including the Mt. Taylor project, a conventional underground mine that contains the largest uranium resource in the United States.

Quasar Resources
Quasar Resources owns the Four Mile Uranium Mine (operated by Heathgate Resources) in South Australia as well as extensive exploration tenements throughout Australia.