Nirvana Whitepapers

Learn more in-depth about the superior capabilities of how Nirvana software provides sophisticated metadata management for Big Data, with the proven ability to save more than 50% on storage space.

Tackling the Big Data Deluge in Science with Metadata
Nirvana proven in cost-effectively managing and ensuring continued access to valuable data critical to driving results and new discovery.

Collaborative Data Federations
A unified view for heterogeneous high-performance computing

Data Sharing With Nirvana
Enabling collaboration in complex distributed environments.

Nirvana for Life Sciences
Advancing enterprise collaboration and regulatory compliance.

Geospatial Data and Nirvana
Online GIS integration in ESRI environments with Nirvana MapServer and Centera.

GeoVault Solution Description
Integration and management of geospatial data and related documents
in collaborative environments.