Nirvana Solutions

Document Management
Nirvana is designed to address document management challenges by presenting all the data in the enterprise in one seamless and uniform access point. This view is independent from the server location where the documents are physically stored and each can be found without knowing the item's name or the server's access protocol.

Data Archiving
Long-term archiving of digital information involves tremendous and often unique challenges. Among them are the ability to preserve data for the future, to access data from obsolete systems, and to create redundancies so that data resides in more than one physical and/or logical location.

Information Lifecycle Management
With Nirvana, complex organizations can automate the management of records to improve control and efficiency; to comply with regulatory requirements of data management; and to increase security with access control, integrity protection and traceability.

Industry Applications

Geospatial Industries
Nirvana has been employed to meet the needs of geospatial industries by giving users an easy to navigate interface to find images, maps, relational data and associated documents among several distributed and incompatible data repositories.

Intelligence & Security
Information dissemination and data discovery are among the biggest challenges in data management, especially when military intelligence or homeland security is involved. Nirvana addresses the needs of intelligence and defense agencies who are managing large amounts of data, providing leaders with global, real-time access to crucial information.

Life Sciences & Healthcare
Nirvana helps accelerate discovery and development in Life Sciences by pooling data resources together and facilitating collaborations among scientists, researchers, doctors and clinicians. Nirvana is also well-suited for Healthcare with its ability to tie in heterogeneous data systems and manage healthcare records with ILM and compliance to regulations such as HIPAA.

Oil & Gas
Nirvana for oil & gas utilizes storage from EMC and is ideally suited to the application environment. Nirvana also accomodates legacy storage products and supporting a wide range of common current and future storage alternatives and ILM schemes.

Nirvana can be used to federate geographically distributed high-performance computing centers, enabling designers and researchers to share design and simulation data across organizational divisions, geography, even with other companies joined in collaborative initiatives.

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