Nirvana Partnerships

Please contact us for more information about becoming a partner, reseller, or an integrator for Nirvana. General Atomics (GA) has alliances as well as partnerships with developers who create custom interfaces for Nirvana. If you are interested in becoming a Nirvana Developer, please let us know.

GA partners with ArcaStream to deliver bespoke software defined scale-out storage and data management solutions designed to meet the specific needs of research and simulation users across the life science, education, research and oil & gas sectors.
EMC logo GA is a member of the EMC Centera Partner Program. Nirvana seamlessly operates with Centera and other EMC storage products in integrated solutions that, through a Global Namespace implementation, present the user with a simplified view of federated data. Additionally, GA is a member of the EMC Developers Program, creating customized solutions for many business needs.
ESRI logo The Nirvana MapServer was specifically designed to transparently work with the Arc family of products (e.g. Arc Map, Arc GIS, etc.). An ESRI test report about the Nirvana MapServer's performance in combination with the EMC Centera is available on the ESRI web page.
kippdata informationstechnologie logo

The German integrator kippdata informationstechnologie is providing complete solutions in data management for Germany and Europe using the Nirvana technology. More information about their Nirvana offering can be found here. The general web site is at

Dell logo Working with Dell, GA provides solutions to the healthcare sector.
EDS logo GA supplies Nirvana products to EDS for various data projects internationally.
HP logo GA works with HP's Storage Division to provide custom solutions for demanding environments.
Lockheed Martin logo GA has worked on several groundbreaking national projects together with Lockheed Martin Information Technologies (LMIT) and continues to supply LMIT with the Nirvana technology.
MetaCarta logo The Metacarta Geographic Text Search (GTS) appliance is integrated with Nirvana so that GTS can create a full-text index of Data Objects in Nirvana and extract geospatial references from them automatically. Nirvana Data Objects can then be displayed on maps and map applications such as ESRI ArcMap or Google Earth.
SGI logo SGI is a partner of GA in multiple solutions targeting government and industry sector. Nirvana readily integrates with SGI's high-end computing products.
Sun Microsystems logo Nirvana integrates seamlessly with Oracle's products in multiple deployments around the world.