Nirvana Onsite Training

Onsite, personalized training is available to help implement Nirvana. All classes include lab exercises and class materials with exercise solutions. The following classes are currently offered, others can be created upon request:

User Training
A short (typically 1 day) class to introduce users to Nirvana software. The class shows how Nirvana makes users' day-to-day activities more efficient and illustrates - in live sessions - how Nirvana software can save valuable time by using it for enterprise-wide discovery and simple document storage.

Topics can include: login and authentication; Web and Java Client; command-line client (i.e., Scommands); usage of Nirvana Gateways; data discovery; controlling data and folder access; using Nirvana Tickets.

Administrator Training
A class for Nirvana Administrators to gain proficiency in installing, configuring, and maintaining an Nirvana Federation. Interactive lab exercises deepen each participant's understanding of Nirvana architecture. No prior knowledge of the Nirvana is required.

Topics can include: Understanding Nirvana Architecture; Nirvana Components; Data Retrieval Process; Nirvana Interfaces; Nirvana Installation and Incensing; MCAT Installation; Configuration of Nirvana Clients; Nirvana Server Control; Nirvana User Management; Nirvana Location Configuration; Nirvana Resource Configuration; Access Control and Ownership; Custom Nirvana Metadata Schemes; Nirvana Daemons; Nirvana Data Management; Auditing, Database Access Interface (DAI) Overview; and Getting Started With DAI, MCAT Reports.

Technical Training
A class for developers who would like to harness the full power of Nirvana. Developers will come out of this class with a profound understanding of Nirvana's concepts and architecture. The class is taught with many programming examples and live exercises in Java or C. Some prior knowledge of Java or C is required.

General topics can include: Understanding Nirvana Terminology; Nirvana Components; Overview of Nirvana Drivers; Understanding the MCAT; Nirvana Administration; Nirvana Daemons; Concurrency Considerations; Database Access Interface (DAI) Overview; Getting Started With DAI; Programming with DAI; Nirvana Protocol and Interaction with TCP/IP; Template Language.

Programming topics can include: Establishing a connection through Nirvana APIs; Data Object APIs; Collection APIs; Handling Access with APIs; Query APIs; Metadata APIs; and Metadata Query APIs.

Please contact us to schedule training sessions.