Nirvana Document Management

Nirvana is designed to solve data management challenges by presenting all the documents in the enterprise with one global view. This view is independent from the server location where the documents are physically stored and documents can be found without knowing the document's name or the server's access protocol.

This logical view of the documents is decoupled from the physical management of the data storage. This allows Administrators to add more storage, upgrade servers and migrate data to new servers without affecting end users or changing anything in the way that these users view their documents.

Seamlessly integrated with the Nirvana product suite is the management of users, groups, domains, storage systems and metadata. Features like auditing, encryption and access control on a per resource, per collection, per data object or per metadata attribute basis ensure authenticity and enable compliance with federal regulations.

And Nirvana contains several features to minimize latency and document retrieval times between remote sites.

Nirvana at work: Case Studies