Nirvana Data Archiving

Though the long-term archival of digital information can involve tremendous and often unique challenges, Nirvana addresses these challenges with expertise in records management, storage issues, and information management requirements.

Records Management:

  • Preservation of digital objects (images, web pages, MS Office documents, email, video, audio files, etc.)
  • Authentication of digital records
  • Management of records effectively and efficiently
  • Preservation of content, structure and context of the records

Storage Problems:

  • Shelf life requirement for storage media
  • Storage and retrieval hardware and software obsolescence
  • Format obsolescence
  • Compatibility and longevity of translation models and metadata

Information Management Requirements:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy across multiple sites
  • Manageability across distributed and heterogeneous systems

Nirvana at Work: Case Studies