Nirvana Case Studies | Hayden Planetarium Visualization Project

George Kremenek

cosmology, simulation

Significant computing and storage capabilities are required to support cosmological simulation and visualization of large data collections. This is as highly distributed collaboration project. The initial simulation has run for several weeks at NCSA on massively parallel SGI system. It produced 2.5 TB of data, which was stored into the NCSA's UniTree system. This data set was then replicated over the WAN into SDSC using the Nirvana.

Players Involved
Dave Nadeau SDSC, NCSA, and Hayden Planetarium.
The Storage Resource Broker (Nirvana) and Metadata Catalog (MCAT):
George Kremenek, SDSC

Initial phases are complete. Currently operational.

Data Sizes
7.5 Tb in 30,000 files

Nirvana Solution:
Nirvana is used in providing distributed data access in collaboration environment. At SDSC Nirvana is managing the 2.5 TB (10,000 files) input set on BH SP2 SAN discs and in SDSC HPSS. Part of the data set was also replicated into NASA's Nirvana resource. The visualization on BH SP2 produced another 2.5 TB of data managed by Nirvana and 100 GB of output movie for the Hayden Planetarium. Nirvana was used on daily basis for data exchange and collaborations between all project partners during several months of the project.

The entire project wouldn't be possible without Nirvana.