General Atomics' hardware agnostic data aware storage software, Nirvana, provides a global view of all data across an organization’s multiple storage systems, including cloud storage. Nirvana implements intelligent, automated tiering across flash, parallel file systems, NAS, object and cloud storage - with comprehensive data awareness and rich analytics about the data stored and its contents. With Nirvana, data can be stored and moved across multiple tiers with no vendor lock-in, reducing storage costs by 75%. Nirvana also provides comprehensive metadata extraction, creation and search capabilities through an intuitive graphical user interface, making data easy to find, track, move, and manage throughout its lifecycle - while providing security, auditing and data provenance across global, multi-organization collaborative workflows.


  • Creates a Single Global Namespace across on-site storage, private and public clouds
  • Reduces storage costs by 75% with automated tiering
  • Provides comprehensive metadata extraction and search capability
  • Empowers global collaboration by maintaining data provenance, audit, security and access control
  • Allows for extensive storage system analytics
  • Automatic Tiering to Low-Cost Storage

    • Automatically moves infrequently accessed data to lower cost storage systems or the cloud
    • Reduces storage costs by 75%*
    • Migrates data from retiring storage systems to new production storage systems
  • Comprehensive Metadata Extraction and Search

    • Locates hard to find data by querying comprehensive user-defined, workflow-specific metadata describing the data stored, independent of storage location or when it was created
    • Provides an intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Global Collaboration

    • Creates a Single Global Namespace across multiple geographically distributed storage devices
    • Maintains an exhaustive audit trail and tracks data provenance within workflows, through all transformations, analyses and interpretations
    • Enhances security and access control
    • Reduces the cost and complexity of managing multi-vendor, multi-platform storage
  • Storage System Analytics

    • Provides unrivaled insight into storage utilization giving storage administrators the information they need to lower storage costs
    • Characterizes information by data type, use, owner, size, last accessed and the associated costs
    • Scans 1 million files per minute

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*Cost savings assume moving data from $1,000/TB Tier 1 storage to $250/TB object storage.