Metadata Centric Intelligent Storage: the Next Big Wave in Big Data

Key benefits

  • Access and manage data on any storage device, anywhere in the world
  • Orchestrate global data intensive workflows, achieving faster time to results
  • Extract insight and value from data
  • Maintain data provenance, audit, security and access control
  • Reduce storage costs

Confronting exponential data growth
Increased sensor resolutions of all types are driving a deluge in data. And while today's high capacity storage systems can accommodate the sheer volume of data produced, they can't help identify what data is valuable or how to move and process that data through a global workflow, sharing it securely with geographically dispersed collaborators.

Metadata is the key
Metadata is "data about data." Metadata makes Big Data easy to find, track, move and manage – at low cost. Unfortunately, today's high capacity storage systems only provide bare bones system metadata. Data intensive workflows need supplemental enhanced metadata, along with access rights and security safeguards. Workflow constituents can then find and access valuable data by querying such extensive metadata. With the increasing data deluge across all domains, rich workflow specific metadata is essential to enable collaborators to find and share valuable data crucial to their endeavors.

Orchestrate global data intensive workflows; access and manage data on any storage device, anywhere in the world
By presenting a single global namespace across any storage device, anywhere in the world, Nirvana allows data to be easily and securely shared among globally distributed teams. Nirvana also automatically moves data to various workflow resources, based on policies, so data is always available at the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost ― while keeping an audit trail as data is ingested, transformed, accessed, and archived through its complete lifecycle.

Extract insight and value from data
Like a needle in a haystack, high-value data stored in today's immense storage systems can be effectively lost over time – stranding this data and losing its value forever. With Nirvana, valuable information can be found and analyzed even if it resides on very different, incompatible, platforms anywhere in the world.

Maintain data provenance, audit, security, and access control
Nirvana tracks data within workflows, through all transformations, analyses, and interpretations. With Nirvana, data is optimally managed, shared, and reused with verified provenance of the data and the conditions under which it was generated – so results are reproducible and analyzable for defects.

Reduce storage costs
Nirvana restrains the cost of data growth four ways:

  • Nirvana helps prevent worthless data from entering the workflow and being stored
  • Nirvana migrates data to lower cost storage tiers using workflow policies, not just file policies
  • Nirvana removes data that's no longer valuable
  • Nirvana consolidates and automates complete data lifecycle management

A comprehensive, fully supported, solution
General Atomics developed Nirvana with the San Diego Supercomputing Center. Nirvana is a comprehensive commercial solution with enhanced metadata capabilities, far beyond simple key value pairs, advancing data discovery. Nirvana is fully supported, ensuring our customers' success.

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