Missile Defense Systems


General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group (GA-EMS) is on the forefront of maturing railgun weapons systems to support air and missile defense, counter battery fire, and precision indirect fire.

Video: GA-EMS performs successful testing of electromagnetic
railgun launched hypersonic projectiles.

GA-EMS railgun systems feature electromagnetic launchers that use electricity instead of chemical propellants to fire projectiles at high speeds. The high muzzle velocity can be twice that of conventional guns leading to short engagement times, extended keep-out, and longer range.

Key Advantages

  • Multi-mission capability in a single weapon system
  • High firing rate engages multiple threats simultaneously
  • Elimination of propellant and high explosive warheads simplifies resupply and reduces logistics burden
  • High capacity (deep magazine) and low cost per engagement

Mobile Tactical Weapon System
GA-EMS mobile tactical weapon system provides a cost effective, multi-mission solution to enable Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD). The system fires at high repetition rate, engaging multiple targets simultaneously. Affordable hypersonic guided projectiles lead to shorter engagement timelines and invert the cost exchange ratio giving the advantage to defense.
Shipboard System
GA-EMS modular weapon systems provide maximum flexibility supporting the missions of several classes of surface ships. Launch parameters can be modified to enable defense against incoming threats such as cruise or ballistic missiles, or provide offensive capabilities such as precision strike and anti-surface warfare.
Fixed Land-based System
When integrated with other national assets, the fixed land-based system offers added capabilities in a layered defense architecture. The system offers an affordable, high capacity defense against large threat raids of ballistic and cruise missiles, and can provide terminal defense of key fixed assets. An expandable footprint allows for an even greater effective range.