iSCWO Customer Support and Testing Services

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) works closely with customers to help identify their site's specific hazardous waste destruction requirements to design iSCWO systems that will meet each customer's unique needs. GA-EMS gathers data to determine the waste's chemical composition, the throughput and effluent discharge requirements, and the siting, interface and deployment schedule requirements.  We also offer low cost testing services at GA-EMS' dedicated test facility to provide data analysis of iSCWO system suitability and effectiveness in the treatment of specific waste products.

GA-EMS works in partnership with our customers to finalize the scope of the equipment needed and a list of deliverables along with a schedule for implementation, set-up and training. In addition, GA-EMS offers installation, check-out and start-up support, as well as post-installation operations and spares services to help keep systems running smoothly and safely.

99.99% efficient for treatment of

  • Energetics
  • Organic compounds
  • Petrochemical waste
  • Chemical waste