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  • Building the Heart of ITER

    General Atomics is building the ITER Central Solenoid – the five-story, 1,000-ton magnet that will be at the center of the international fusion energy experiment being constructed in southern France. A recent video released by U.S. ITER shows how GA is supporting ITER, an unprecedented international collaboration of scientist and engineers working to design, construct and assemble a burning plasma experiment that can demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion power.

  • The Future of Fusion Energy

    The United States, along with 34 other nations, is making a massive investment in time and money to help to build a huge experimental nuclear fusion reactor in the south of France that bills itself as one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world today – and General Atomics is a key member of the team making it happen.

  • Multi-Institution Collaboration Achieves Major Breakthrough in High-Speed Imaging

    Fast-gated imaging diagnostics are a key element of high-energy-density (HED) experiments in stockpile stewardship. GA scientists were part of a team that developed a new type of high-speed x-ray imager. This breakthrough sensor is capable of recording multiple frames with nanosecond separation and represents a 50-fold improvement in shutter speed over previous devices. Click here for more (PDF).

  • DOE Highlights Magnetic Fusion Research Conducted at DIII-D

  • General Atomics on Future of Accident Tolerant Fuels and Advanced Reactors

    Dr. Jeffrey Quintenz, Senior Vice President of General Atomics' Energy Group, released the following statement regarding the recent bankruptcy filing by Westinghouse. GA is working with Westinghouse in the development of Accident Tolerant Fuels.

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