General Atomics Supplier Day 2017

On October 20th, 2017, General Atomics Subcontracts and Purchasing hosted its annual Supplier Day. The event took place at Electromagnetic Systems Group Building 92 in Rancho Bernardo, with 73 suppliers and over 100 GA personnel in attendance. Themed, "Take a Look Inside", this event gave the suppliers an opportunity to hear from key executives, L. Denyce Carter, Vice President Contracts and Purchasing, Scott Forney, President EMS, and Pete Rinaldi, Vice President EMS Manufacturing Operations. Suppliers participated in workshops relevant to supplier onboarding process improvements, fabrication and machining objective quality data tools, indirect procurement and subcontractor management tools. They also met with their cross functional supply chain teams, as well as, engaged in both virtual (Tupelo) and site tours (DIIID and ITER). Highlighting the day, were the presentations of Subcontract Management Certificates to 25 Subcontract Administrators and Technical Representatives by Neal Blue, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ann Charlotte Engstrom, Executive Vice President General Counsel, Denyce Carter, and Dean Key, Senior Director Advanced Launch and Arresting Gear Programs, as well as, presentation of eight Supplier Excellence Awards by Kent Barnes, Head of Contracts and Purchasing, Tim Snoke, Senior Director Quality Assurance, and Steve Wise, Purchasing Manager, Corporate Services. Award recipients are as follows:

ScMI Certificate Recipients: Supplier Award Recipients:
Andrew Edmunds Ken Ealey Advanced Machining and Tooling Inc. accepted by Tony Cerda, President
Bruce Kuecker Kenneth Johnston CeramTec North America Corp. accepted by Mark Duchnak, Program Manager
Bryan Fratello Khiet Ho Everson Tesla Inc. accepted by Glen Eksaa, Senior Electrical Engineer
Charles Gompf Mike McAden Hixson Metal Finishing Group accepted by Chris Grapsas, Business Development Manager
Christian Dela Rosa Nick Shumate San Diego Precision Machining Inc. accepted by Jim Fox, General Manager
Cynthia Salazar Norm Aiello Solmar Precision Inc. accepted by Scott Poindexter, President
David Callahan Patrick J. Kelly Waxie Enterprises Inc. accepted by Jeff Roberts, President and COO
Evan English Rama Varigonda CulinArt Group Inc. accepted by John Gee, District Manager and Ruth Carrillo, Food Service Director
Iris Pereda Simon Tong
Jessica Alvarado Stacie Dollarhide
John Yubeta Yvette Allison
Juanita Penagos Zachary Bowe
Kari Moreno