Environmental and Plant Monitoring Systems

General Atomics is pleased to now provide a complete range of products, designed and manufactured specifically for use in industrial, environmental settings. EPM Systems offer end-users the tools they need for monitoring, measuring, and identifying radiation in and around their workplace.

EPM Systems afford customers the unique combination of standard methods of isotopic identification and sampling to reduce the time and effort it takes in performing routine analytical functions and does so on a real-time basis.

Our comprehensive line of EPM Systems includes:

Exceptional features include such things as:
  • RADNET Compliant (Embedded)
  • Modular Design – User Friendly
  • Radon Measurement Compensation
  • Single or Multiple Filter Models
  • MCA Capability

These products and features are also sustained by an extensive 24/7 service and support structure that backs up field-proven reliability with confidence that help is only a phone call away, should it be required.