General Atomics Energy Products

General Atomics is globally recognized as the leading U.S. developer and manufacturer of advanced film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, high energy capacitors, metallized capacitors and high current capacitors for pulse power and other demanding applications. Our primary markets include national laboratories and universities, energy and defense contractors, and medical and industrial companies around the world. In addition to capacitors, we provide other high voltage components such as resistors and fuses.

Our new, expanded manufacturing facility, located near Tupelo, Mississippi, continues to manufacture the same range of high quality, high performance component products that were previously made in San Diego, California, but with new, upgraded equipment and greater capacity than ever before.

Products and Technology

GA is a world-class developer, designer, and manufacturer of high voltage capacitors for DC, pulse, high frequency AC, and specialized applications.  Our markets include military, medical, industrial, transportation, and research worldwide.  Our technology includes all types of film and paper dielectrics, metalized and discrete foil electrodes, oil-filled and dry constructions, and a wide variety of packages. We specialize in meeting  demanding requirements such as high energy density, high peak currents, low inductance, low ESR, wide temperature range, high mechanical shock, and high reliability.   We have an extensive capacitor R&D program with a wide range of specialized high voltage, mil-spec and pulse power equipment. Many of our R&D activities have been funded by government agencies, national laboratories and defense contractors resulting in new products and market-leading energy densities, stored energy in a single capacitor, reliability, and peak current handling, among other characteristics.

GA designs and manufactures high current high voltage fuses that are typically used with large energy storage capacitors in banks.

GA designs and manufactures metal-element resistors used to absorb high energy pulses from capacitors and used as dummy loads, safety dump loads, or for diagnostics.