Electric Drive Motors

¼ scale 5,000 HP superconducting DC homopolar motor

GA’s EMS Division is developing several advanced electric drive motor concepts that have the potential to improve the efficiency and performance of transportation systems.

The EMS Superconducting DC Homopolar Motor program is aimed at developing a new high-power motor that is simple in design and significantly lighter in weight than conventional motors.  Because there are no multipole components in the motor, the homopolar motor is expected to be acoustically quiet enough to permit hard mounting directly to the ship’s hull in marine vessel applications, thus greatly simplifying integration.  The homopolar motor uses superconducting coils conduction-cooled using compact reliable devices called cryocoolers, which do not require the use of bulk liquid cryogens.

The EMS Division is also developing axial flux motors, which feature compact designs and are hence suitable for a variety of vehicle applications.