DIII-D Diagnostics

Diagnostics Collaboration Opportunities

A critical element in the support of a vibrant and relevant DIII-D physics program is the development of new measurement capabilities. Much of the diagnostic development and diagnostic implementation on DIII-D in the past several years has been done in collaborations between General Atomics (the prime contractor for DIII-D) and other institutions. These collaborations have been extremely successful and the DIII-D program intends to expand the number of collaborations in the area of diagnostics in the coming years. This site is intended to give a sense of what the DIII-D diagnostic plans are and to give a flavor for the types of measurements that the research program needs. For more details, please contact Rejean Boivin, Director of DIII-D Computation and Diagnostics.

Measurement Opportunities

A number of new measurements have been identified that could significantly advance our understanding and control of fusion plasmas. A list of needed measurements was assembled with input from the DIII-D research staff and from a recent of diagnostic workshop.


A diagnostic mini-workshop was held at General Atomics on Nov. 10, 2000 to identify opportunities for new measurements to address critical issues in the areas of confinement, stability, boundary and heating and current drive. A summary of this workshop is compiled below.