Advanced Arresting Gear

The Advanced Arresting Gear (AAG) program will supply Navy aircraft carriers with an electric motor based system that will replace the current MK 7 hydraulic system for aircraft deceleration during recovery operations. AAG allows arrestment of a broader range of aircraft, reduces manning and maintenance, and provides higher reliability and safety margins. GA's design replaces the mechanical hydraulic ram with rotary engines using simple, proven energy-absorbing water turbines coupled to a large induction motor, providing fine control of the arresting forces.

AAG provides significant benefits over current recovery systems

  • Operational capability to recover projected air wing, with renewed service life margins
  • Full compatibility with Nimitz-class and Ford-class carriers
  • Higher availability
  • Self-diagnosis and maintenance alerts
  • Reduced manning and total ownership cost (TOC)

The following timeline shows the history of the AAG program from the contract award to General Atomics in 2003 to the present. 

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AAG Controls and Software Subscale Lab

EMS built an AAG Controls and Software Subscale Lab (SSL) representing a full shipboard network and subsystems in its San Diego, Calif. facility. The lab enables the delivery of fully tested controls, software and operator displays.

  • Facilitates integration and full regression testing of AAG computer software, hardware and controls
  • Provides cost-effective simulation of shipboard conditions, enabling troubleshooting
  • Improves quality of software releases