Nuclear Engineering

General Atomics was one of the pioneering firms in nuclear energy. We sold our first reactor in 1958, the same year the first commercial reactor in the U.S. came online. Sixty years later, General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in advanced nuclear reactors while helping to sustain our current reactor fleet and spinning off technologies that have the potential to enhance public safety and well-being.

Fission Reactor Design
GA-EMS has been an innovator in nuclear reactor design for its entire existence. The Energy Multiplier Module (EM2) reactor design addresses challenges in cost, safety, nonproliferation, and waste that are critical for the future of nuclear power.

Radiochemical Engineering
GA-EMS has developed novel techniques to produce radioisotopes for nuclear medicine and space power, and is extending the technology into nuclear waste treatment applications that challenge conventional methods.

Nuclear Mechanical Engineering
GA-EMS designs and develops advanced systems and technologies for next-generation nuclear reactors and other applications.