General Atomics Secures Domestic Source of Key Electrical Components

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Group (GA-EMS) announces the acquisition of the laminated bus plate business unit of Circuit Components, Inc. (CCI). This purchase will secure a U.S.- based and owned source of parts used in GA‑EMS commercial and defense products.

Bus plates are strips or sheets of copper, brass or aluminum that are laminated within insulation materials. They conduct and distribute electricity/current within a very power dense package. They are critical components of GA‑EMS’s multi-MW class inverters, converters and pulsed power systems and are a key enabler of GA EMS’s legendary power density.

GA‑EMS acquired all the machines, tooling, specialized equipment and key personnel with the knowledge to design and manufacture laminated bus plates. The equipment has been installed and is generating the first production bus plates at the GA-EMS Tupelo, Miss. manufacturing facility.

About General Atomics

General Atomics is a San Diego-based innovation firm with a 50-year history of successful solutions for defense, energy and environmental challenges. GA‑EMS manufactures defense and commercial systems, including the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, or EMALS, and the Blitzer™ electromagnetic railgun. Affiliated manufacturing and commercial service companies include General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc., which produces the Predator® family of unmanned aircraft systems. For more information, please visit


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