General Atomics Launches New Full Spectrum Imaging System For Crime Scene Evidence Capture

SAN DIEGO – 12 Mar 2024 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today the launch of the new Full Spectrum Imaging System (FSIS) Crime Scene Examiner (FSIS-CSE), the latest addition to the company’s line of crime scene latent evidence detection and image capture systems.  FSIS-CSE is a compact, lightweight, and portable system featuring the company’s powerful FSIS II camera mounted on a 13-inch tablet. FSIS-CSE detects and captures high resolution images of latent biological, chemical, pattern, and trace evidence within confined crime scene spaces such as vehicles and small office areas.

“FSIS-CSE is the newest addition to our FSIS product line, providing in-the-field, high-performance capabilities for law enforcement, defense, and homeland security agencies, and criminal forensic laboratories to effectively and efficiently detect and capture images of critical forensic evidence,” stated Scott Forney, president of GA-EMS. “FSIS-CSE offers faster scans, sharper focus, ease of image capture, and real-time review of high-resolution images. More importantly, our systems detect latent evidence typically undetectable by other systems on the market today, providing a significant advantage to support field operations and active investigations.”

The FSIS-CSE’s powerful color camera and patented software provide customers 10 times greater scan and processing speeds to capture high-resolution images of biological, chemical, pattern, and trace evidence from curved, textured, and flat surfaces. The FSIS -CSE incorporates new features including a convenient tablet touchscreen interface, an automated LED/filter wheel selection, integrated LED assemblies and “scan assist” to aide detection of latent evidence in “fast scan” mode. All LEDs and filters required to process a crime scene are integrated into the FSIS-CSE, eliminating the need to carry additional light sources or filters. The adjustable LED assembly on each side of the camera provides longwave and shortwave illumination to facilitate the best image capture from a variety of surfaces. When the LEDs are not being used, the assemblies can be folded out of the way.

GA-EMS offers a family of FSIS products designed to support laboratory, mobile, and field operations use. All FSIS products provide compatibility across the different configurations and with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) submission and data management system.  FSIS products are available from GA-EMS and exclusive reseller Arrowhead Forensics

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