Full Spectrum Imaging Systems

General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems’ (GA-EMS) Full Spectrum Imaging System (FSIS) products identify and capture clear, high-resolution images across the UV, visible and IR spectrum. FSIS captures images of biological, chemical, pattern and trace evidence on items previously thought impossible. The innovative Paint-by-Light feature uses patented software to extend imaging capabilities across flat, curved and textured surfaces, eliminating the potential for critical error caused by traditional photo-stitching processes. Easily capture images of evidence such as fingerprints, palm prints, altered documents, body fluids, GSR, footwear, fumed prints, and dye-stained prints. The LatentMaster software (included with each product) allows for easy image enhancement, while preserving the chain of evidence with a complete audit trail and process history.


FSIS Lab with Black and White Camera (FSIS Lab)

FSIS Lab with Black and White Camera (FSIS Lab)


  • Surpass traditional forensic imaging systems with the ability to find latent evidence across the spectrum from 254nm to 1100nm
  • Capture a high level of detail to eliminate the green, grainy and low-resolution images of RUVIS technology
  • Real-time review of high-resolution images without losing clarity from image capture to display


FSIS Lab with Full Color Camera (FSIS Color)

FSIS Color

  • Broaden the evidence capture capability into full color 24-bit images
  • Easily display and compare UV or IR images with the full color image
  • Seamlessly transition from shortwave UV to full color
FSIS Lab with Full Color Camera (FSIS Color)


FSIS Lab with Mobile Capabilities (FSIS Mobile & FSIS Backpack)

FSIS Mobile
FSIS Backback

FSIS Mobile & FSIS Backback

  • In-the-field capture and display of evidence while maintaining the same high resolution and quality of stationary lab systems
  • Battery powered for up to 2 hours of operation in remote locations


Full Spectrum Imaging System II - Crime Scene Examiner (FSIS-CSE)


  • Core FSIS II technology packaged in an easy-to-use lightweight, handheld system
  • Designed for portable scanning and capturing of latent evidence
  • One-button automated focus assist to support improved latent evidence detection
  • High resolution 13" tablet display with Windows 11
  • FSIS II camera producing 20MP image quality in full resolution mode
  • All lights and filters needed to scan a crime scene with auto or manual selection
FSIS-CSE tablet


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