Combining Cutting-Edge Innovations with Practical Engineering to Create a Bold New Concept for Commercial Fusion Energy

General Atomics (GA) is on a mission to revolutionize the way the world gets its energy. From our decades of experience designing and operating integrated plasma control systems, to our world-leading expertise in advanced materials, GA has proudly stood at the forefront of fusion research and technology since the dawn of the atomic age. Today, GA is globally recognized as a leader in fusion science and has developed a comprehensive portfolio of fusion technologies and services that it provides to both public- and private-sector clients.

At GA, we believe that now is the time for fusion energy. We invite you to learn more about our vision to deliver the first generation of compact fusion power plants and secure a zero-carbon future for generations to come.


Leveraging Globally Recognized Expertise to Produce Safe, Sustainable, and Virtually Limitless Carbon-Free Energy

Fusion is the process the powers the stars. It occurs when two light atoms combine to form a new one, releasing vast amounts of energy. Researchers can achieve fusion using a ‘tokamak,’ which uses magnets, pressure, and heat to create a fusion plasma. When commercialized, a fusion power plant would provide sustainable carbon-free energy, without any emissions, long-lasting waste, or risk of meltdown.

To create a cost-effective, self-sustaining fusion system, GA is drawing from its decades of experience in computational science, plasma theory, tokamak design and operation, and advanced materials engineering. With expertise in at-scale manufacturing and established relationships across industry and government, General Atomics is joining with leading institutions around the world to pursue the most rapid, economically practical path to fusion energy.

Whether it is industry or academia, national laboratories, regulatory agencies, government leaders or advocates for environmental justice, GA is actively engaging with fusion energy stakeholders to ensure every voice is heard as the energy source of the future is developed.


A Compact System Providing Firm Energy to Thousands of Homes

The GA Fusion Pilot Plant takes the approach of a compact steady-state system – a concept that has been well established and refined over decades of research and development. Using powerful magnets and microwave heating, the GA fusion system creates a plasma – a hot gas in which electrons separate from atoms. In steady-state operation, the fusion plasma is maintained for long periods of time to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the lifetime of the facility.


Achieving Maximum Efficiency and Shaping the Future of Fusion Energy

GA’s proprietary Fusion Synthesis Engine (FUSE) integrates proven physics, engineering, and costing models into self-consistent simulations and designs. A product of GA's world-leading expertise in fusion theory, FUSE can rapidly optimize the complex requirements of a fusion power facility. FUSE is a highly flexible and modular modeling tool that will allow engineers, physicists, and operators to easily perform a broad range of studies spanning the design of specific components to the optimization of a power-plant concept. With FUSE, GA’s Fusion Pilot Plant can rapidly take advantage of new breakthroughs that improve efficiency and capacity, shaping the next generation of clean, safe, and sustainable energy.


Our successful track record of delivering a wide range of innovative products and systems reflects our core capabilities, including:


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